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Brilliant. I ;love the ambiance, the animation the bizarre dream feel of it. Perfect!!

Excellent, as always. Good story, great animation, funny shit all around!

LOL funny!

So that's where polar bears come from! No wonder they're so mean!! :)

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C'est bon!

J'aime cette jou tres beaucoup. C'est tres tranquile et facile, mai n'est pas ennui. Le parfait jou apres un difficile jour a travail. Bein fait!

OK, too cool!

I am a really big fan of the first one, but I love this updated version. I like the many more options available (although the story line was uneeded, because I really just want to crush shit) and all the additions in general. And I also really like the additional animations, especially what happens when the people start to burn! Good job!!

Awesome and unique!

I really like this game. Its an old puzzle type thing but presented in a fresh new way, which is always cool to see. Its nice and relaxing, the sort of thing you want to play after a long day at work. And I really liked the music as well (who is that, by the way?) Any reason for the war scenes going on below?

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I love a twisted sense of humor!

Kind of puts a new spin on the concept of a "stiffy" doesn't it?!

Wickedly wonderful!

I love all your work, as you have an ethereal, other-wordly voice. But this song combines your amazing singing talent with a terrific sense humor and a deliciously naughty mind set! So nice to be made aware of others who are as twisted as I! Anyway, love the song, but the link above doesn't give the lyrics. Could you kindly provide me with them?

hania responds:

There's a break in the link cause Newgrounds puts breaks in links (I've noticed) - I think the break in this one is between the c and the o of com :)

Copy and paste the URL and get rid of the space, and it's all sweet ;)
Thanks so much for your support!!


This is a truly magnificent pience. It evokes deep emotions and conjures up images of great sacrifice. When my skills as an animator match your skills as a composer, I will create a piece that honors this amazing composition. Thank you.

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That's awesome! It's like a meaty jack-o-lantern!! Well done.

Superb. What coul dbe more average than plastic ware...until you turn it into art! Brilliant!!

That's great! I love the way art can see something as average as playing cards and turn it into a sculpture. Well done!!

Happy Skull Productions!

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